Nowadays no company, institution, or individual can be a leader in any field unless its perpetrators, in a process of self-knowledge, contemplate the inner world. Understanding individual characteristics and discovering one’s own unique perspective is essential not only for artists but also for engineers, physicians, researchers and different industries. But how do you come up with something out of the ordinary? Has meditation, the study of philosophical books, psychology, or self-knowledge paved the way? Or has self-knowledge also been distorted so that in this duality of “freedom or captivity”, our choice is “freedom in captivity”? In today’s complex society, the individual willingly or unwillingly lives in a set of relationships in which the relationship of power is explicitly exercised. These power relations occur frequently and empower the individual, both in terms of discourse content and behavior. As a result, one either does not see or doubts one’s abilities without knowing it. In this case, how to start the process of individual empowerment?


Self Empowerment

Self-knowledge, as a living and dynamic being, which is constantly evolving in social, political, economic and cultural relations, is a complex and full of discussion. Professor Sadria’s 10 years of experience in these conditions, ie 10 years of observation, discussion, dealing with external changes and making different experiences, has led to the formation of a practical and daily workshop called “Life”. In this workshop, we have not spared as much as we can of any action that leads us to form a comprehensive attitude towards man and his living conditions.
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Have we ever wondered what an infinite range of existential dimensions and unique symbolic manifestations of the “self” we are?

The source of effervescence is the inner states and characteristics of the individual, which appear in various forms according to specific conditions and states. The close connection between outward discourse and inner thoughts, both of which are frequently changing and forming the ‘Self’, forms the main discussion of our class.

This class is an invitation to contemplation and calmness. As someone who has the pulse of the class, Sadria always chooses his words slowly, carefully and accurately. With this rhythm, you will feel the reverberation of the words in yourself and you will accompany them.

A feeling of lightness and comfort, an important feature of the class.
Humor, the use of unexpected and artistic objects, various examples, and the power of surprise and storytelling are Sadria’s skills in conveying content. These skills seem to be an attractive part of the class: both to use the audience’s hearing and perception skills and to prevent inflammation from the learning process.

  «نگرش جامع به وجود»

«عشق و رابطه»

سرزمین نوین عشق، حکایت داستانی زن و مردی عاشق بر پایه مطالب تئوریک عشق ولی خارج از قالب‌های تعریف شده تا به امروز است. سرزندگی و نشاط کلاس و همراهی پروفسور مجتبی صدریا حول محور عشق با اعضاء ،این محیط را متفاوت از تمامی کلاس‌ها کرده است و حال و هوایی متفاوت به آن بخشیده است.

وقتی می‌گوییم «عشق»، تصویری که در ذهنمان نقش می‌بندد چیست؟ همه ما تصویری شخصی از عشق داریم که آن را در ارتباط با امور معنوی یا زمینی درک می‌کنیم. آنچه در این کلاس مطرح است، ارائه تعریفی تئوریک از عشق و ساختن تصویری ذهنی از آن بر پایه پژوهش و مطالعات موردی بیشماریست که به جرات می‌توان گفت تصویر ذهنی ما از عشق را به چالش می‌کشد و همینطور تصویر زنده‌ی جدیدی در ذهن شکل می‌دهد که ما را به سمت جایگاه متعالی «عاشق» هدایت می‌کند.

به جرأت می‌توانم بگویم که مطالب این کلاس هم عملی اند هم نظری. حس دلنشین آزادی در این کلاس همچنین تشویق و اختیار در مشارکت، آزادی بیان و عمل و اختیار در ابراز احساسات و برداشت شخصی، این کلاس را بسیار جذاب و دوستانه می‌کند و مطالب و معارف عشق در قالب روایت داستان، به گونه‌ای همان محیط دوستانه و صمیمی را تداعی می‌کند.

برای کسانی که به این موضوع علاقه‌مند و یا در زندگی مشترک و عاطفی دچار مشکل هستند بسیار مفید است.